Delete a Page on the Project Website

If a page is created in error or you find you are not utilizing the page as you thought, you can always delete the Project Website page. This is done from Edit Page Settings for that page, and is permanent. See below for detailed instructions on deleting a page from the Project Website.

Important Notes:

  • This method is for deleting pages created using the Greater Giving Online software. For deleting Pages created that are not attached to an event, see Deleting a Page or Module.
  • You must be have the “Manage Project Website” permission to delete a page. See User Definitions and Adding or Editing Users for that permission.
  • Deleted pages cannot be restored. Ensure you are deleting the correct page!

Delete a Page:

1. From the Project Home, click Manage Project Website under the Project Website header.
2. Scroll down to where your pages are listed, and click Edit Page Settings for the page you wish to delete.


3. Scroll to the very bottom of the form, and type the word “delete” (no quotations) into the provided field, and click the Delete Webpage button.


4. The page will be deleted, and you will be returned to the Manage Project Website screen.

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